Strengthening Your Identity

“Strengthening Your Identity”

While the Shadow Is in Front of You

We all know life has its ups and downs, but when Mwati Mwila was diagnosed with bipolar disorder while a college student, she thought her life would mostly be down from that point on. Not understanding why she had been chosen to suffer, she found herself on an incredible journey of questioning God, considering ending her own life, and ultimately, traveling around the world for answers that could help to heal her.

No stranger to adversity, before being diagnosed as bipolar, Mwati had already experienced discrimination. After traveling from her native Zambia, she was often the only African child in predominantly white schools in New Zealand and Australia.

Now Mwati shares her incredible story.

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An excerpt from Strengthening Your Identity

“There are somethings in life that you can only learn by being broken down.” – Mwati Mwila

My brother Mwila told me, “Mwati, sometimes you have to endure in this life; you have to endure.” At first I didn’t understand what he meant, so I replied in my agony, “But I’m suffering all the time.” He corrected me by saying, “Endure; not suffer.” He was right. Rather than suffering, we can choose to endure: when we do that, we can change our suffering.

“Enduring means going through your trials, but it does not mean the same thing as suffering.” Don’t get me wrong; the suffering is there, but you endure it for your; you endure for God. Your patience while you endure and go through the struggle works miracles; the time is precious because the miracles are waiting for you once you have endured.