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      Mwati Mwila

      So I know each one of you have your own stories of coming out with a mental illness. Some of you chose not to tell other’s you know or the public that you suffer from a mental illness. I chose to come out and tell my story and profess my story in a book. I wanted people to not be scared by the stigma that exist, and to be that example of change and transformation. I wanted people to create a platform and a stage where people can exchange stories and empower one another. That’s one of the reasons I created this website. I decided to break out and tell my story by writing my book “Strengthening Your Identity.” I was hoping people can relate and feel like “wow, I was at that moment too, or I could see myself through your words.” It was important to me to be that advocate for others so that I could reveal the real parts of me and what I was going through. Ideally, I would like to be in a world where the stigma does not exist, but its just not that way, there will always be closed minded individuals who cancel out any effort to spread the word on mental illness. Lastly, the one thing I was told sharing my story would do; encourage that little girl/boy to keep going.

      So I ask you what scares you about sharing your story? Is the shame? The Stigma? Do you think others will gain by sharing your unique story?

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